September 8, 2015

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Vestige Strategies Leads the People’s National Movement to victory in 2015 Trinidad & Tobago General Election; Dr. Keith Rowley elected Prime Minister

Yesterday, Washington, DC based civic and community engagement firm Vestige Strategies helped lead Dr. Keith Rowley and the People’s National Movement to victory in the 2015 General Election in Trinidad and Tobago. Winning 23 of the 41 contested constituency seats, yesterday was a decisive victory for the PNM. Over the course of the past year, Vestige Strategies recruited and deployed a team of 12 former Obama campaign staffers to lead grassroots and digital organizing strategy.

Vestige Strategies team members included:

  • Kwesi Chappin, Training Co-Director
  • Brandon Hatton, Training Co-Director
  • Jennifer Edwards, Digital Director
  • AJ Carrillo, Data Director
  • Nicholas Probst, GOTV Co-Director
  • Dallas Jones, GOTV Co- Director
  • DeJuana Thompson, GOTV Lead
  • Enchanta Jackson, GOTV Lead
  • Larry Green, GOTV Lead
  • René Spellman, GOTV Lead
  • Jonathon Lewis, GOTV Lead
  • Emma Gibbens, Organizer, Inc.

The firm’s Co-founder and COO, and project manager Quentin James said the following:

“We are so excited to have helped lead the People’s National Movement to reclaiming Parliament and we look forward to Prime Minister Keith Rowley restoring integrity and good governance to Trinidad and Tobago as it’s Prime Minister. We built an incredibly talented and diverse team of consultants who proved merging culture and data-driven organizing strategies can be the difference maker in close elections.”