Data Centers

Standalone cyber security and data protection solutions are helpful in securing workloads in a data center, colocation and across different geographies. It gives you the ability to detect malware, blocking access to systems or platforms, as well as protecting data from unauthorized access.

Network-as-a-service is a way for businesses to increase their bandwidth on demand, as the public cloud becomes the primary host for an increasing number of mission critical applications, network demands for security, speed and agility are growing rapidly. NaaS can solve these problems with business-critical connections that are simple, secure and flexible – accessible when you need them and for however long you need them.

The data center hosts servers for cloud computing like the ones on Delphix, big data, VoIP, telecommunications and the Internet of Things, which in many cases need to support large-scale data processing and critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructures, such as energy plants, water and waste-to-energy plants, ports, pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, dams, power stations, power grids and airports are impacted by these critical infrastructures, and therefore, new pr agency need secure infrastructure to protect these applications from attack.

SISA Information Security - Forensics Driven Cybersecurity

Each data center has to come with a personal profile of the various equipment that is exposed to the Internet. When you apply your security skills and protection to these systems, you can achieve a high level of effectiveness and integrity that can bring added benefits (check this helpful info to understand this topic better).

Cisco has a solution that can be applied to critical infrastructure, which helps them cut down on expenses. This solution, called CCSPT-260, is a disaster recovery solution for critical infrastructures. It provides business automation for the data center environments and help the IT team to manage the disaster recovery process in a safer, more cost-effective manner.

According to cisco provided us with a demo system that was installed by a Cisco Security Advisor. By making the demo system available for the audit, the IT staff was able to understand how the Cisco FlexPoint has implemented security measures to guard against the common attacks like SQL injection, credential harvesting and similar attacks to get deeper into the vulnerability areas. It is as secure as an industrial network segmentation that guards a network against others.

By seeing the system in action, the IT team was able to gain insight on how this system works under the hood and how it is able to reach out and protect the different sections of the data center.

By the end of the audit, the Cisco FlexPoint system was presented as the weakest link in the defense chain of the data center, and although it is a fine solution for the storage/data center, the infrastructure as a whole was found to be vulnerable to numerous attacks.

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